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This is my attempt to unify my various bits of crap, sites here, blogs there, plus an assortment of scattergun interests all into one nice *heap* of crap that I can neglect it all in one place. I also want to become a better blogger so, while I'll still be annoying people with my random excrescences and half formed, vaguely optimistic whimsy, I'm hoping that I can at least give them something to chew on while I p*ss them off with my random musings on life, the universe, pork crackling and the superiority of that Bulmers red apple stuff over most other ciders (Not the Thatchers ones but they aren't always available).

I've also had a kid in the meantime. so life has basically been hoyed into a mincer, and I've still trying to work out what the bollocks is getting spat out at the other end. He's nearly 1 year old and bloody marvellous, but the whole politics of mothering, parenting, reproductive choice and the horrifically entitled, misguided out of touch twaddle that is being peddled by the current government inspires me to ranting....and I don't need that much encouragement.

I'm also slightly evangelical about women playing the guitar - and we're talking loud guitar, electric, distorted, you know, all of the good stuff. I've played since I was 18 (not to any great standard of virtuosity but as the saying goes, I can get by playing rhythm, and yes, there was a bit of a hiatus in the middle) but I'm still amazed that I know so few female musicians. Particularly those who play guitar and bass. It's really not that scary but for a newbie, the torrents of testosterone you'll encounter in most music shops will probably stop you in your tracks before you even get started, quite apart from the other unique challenges playing as a woman presents. I'm a massive fan and advocate of Daisy Rock guitars so if you're after a light, woman & girl friendly guitar, this company really do the business. I've got one and I absolutely love it.

Oh and the Ukulele.

I also really like cooking and I'd like to share some of the stuff that I've learned and am still learning. And eating. And because I do the cooking I don't have to wash up, hurrah!

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