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"I'm actually going to get better at the guitar even if it drives me mental"..."Oh, I've got into Amanda Palmer so I'll try the ukulele too...because it's easier and I've no time and it transpires that playing the ukulele is genuinely *painfully simple*"

Although I've played since I was 18, recently I fell in serious head-over heels lurve with the guitar you see above. And now she's mine, MINE!!! *evil laughter*

When I saw it, I thought that that's kinda like this Gretsch I've being having a big  'ole lech for since about 1992 at the very poky, dark guitar shop on Spring Bank in Hull.  However the bonus with the Daisy Rock that is doesn't weigh the same as the Moon and is designed for a short bird to play. Which makes it perfect for me.  Any hoo....  

I also feel there still aren't enough women playing and getting the attention they deserve as musicians, and that there still isn't enough information about instruments more suited to girl/women players.

I'm also going to be posting and tweeting stuff about interesting musicians and initiatives that I get to hear about as well as trying to summon up the necessary woofter to post some of my own musical noodlings, and my practice. (or I will if it isn't sh*te).

So let's make it a little less lonely.....

Christmas 2012 - Hello Haley the Ukulele....

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