Friday, 1 April 2011

Hormone soup

  • Discovered that worrying about the 'W' word is about as sensible as trying to unlock your front door with a pillow.
  • Painting (Doors BTW, not as a means of self expression) -  can be very zen.
  • Enjoying 80's pop (in the context of Ashes to Ashes) does not mean that I have ears of tin and therefore I should be shunned by my associates.
  • The previous comment probably has something to do with oestrogen and in about 48 hours time I'll back to my usual obtuse indie-lovin self. I reserve to the right to deny all knowledge of the 3rd statement in this list when the balance of my mind is restored.
  • I have eaten more Babybels and Haribo than is strictly good for me.
  • Never trust a man wearing a pinny.

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